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Well still waiting to go back into hospital for my next OP, Been feeling very good the last few month due to Mandy love her to bits (MORE). Going back to hospital for yet another checkup next week, so looking forward to see if I'm heeling yet "I hope I am too".


Just coming up to 11 month since I had the accident, went to hospital last month and found out I'm still not heeling. I have to go see a specialist in sheffield, who deals with brakes like mine so hope he can do something for me and sort my hip out. I'm getting really fedup with it now it's doing me head in not being able to do anything, Missing work.
I'm trying my best to get off the morphine but it's not easy with the pain, just want to get on some normal pain killers.But I'm getting better in myself feel like me again, Had some good news our mike as finaly come out of hospital and living with his mum, hope everything goes ok there.



Well going into Hospital tomorrow for another operation on my leg, Having all the plates & screws and the rod taken out. Having bigger ones put in because my bones are not healing, so another big operation. Not looking forward to it at all but if it helps thats all good, Don't know what I would have done if it was not for Mandy & family and friends helping me.

Going to get my stuff ready for tomorrow now will let you all know how I get on......



well been in and had my operation on my leg in loads of pain, more than I thought I would have been in. It hurts so much I just don't know what to do with myself. Came out last tuesday so only been 4 days, Got bed down stairs so thats a little better. Family coming and checking up on me everyday, just wish it would hurry up and get a little less painfull so I could get some sleep. I got through it last time with the help of our linda and rest of family so will do it again.It's been 1 year today since the accident and i'm no better now than I was then, but hopefully it will heal this time. Start with the physio in a few week.



Well it's been a while since I wrote anything about how I been getting on. Probably because it's all been bad and I been really down in the dumps, and been in loads of pain.

When I came out of hospital after second operation Mandy had the single bed out of loft and down stairs for me. I could not get up stairs to go to bed and could not sleep on the sofa this time.

Not long after I came out I could feel something was not right with my hip, at first we just thought it was bruising, But when it came time for me to go back to hospital for checkup, I could not even get out of bed. So had to cancel and go another time, when it was time again I was even worse but I just had to go and find out what was up.

They sent me for x-ray and I could not even lay down for them to take it right, but they got enough for what they wanted. Went in to see the doctor after x-ray and he said I don't know how you managed with the pain and discomfort on your hip. He told me my hip had collapsed and I been sat on bits of bone and a plate, That's why I not been able to lay down, I've been having to sleep sat up. So I have to go back into hospital for the plate and bits of bone taken out, he told me he could not do anything with my hip now after already having 2 operations on it so far.

So I'm going to go in to have this plate and bits of my hip taken out, then I have to wait until they can put me a new hip in, Hope it's not going to take too long before they can do it.

well that's all for now peeps will keep you up to date when I can.



Well just come back out of hospital yet again, Been in for 8 week had a really bad infection in my hip. The steel in my hip and femur had come lose, so had to have it removed and go on drip for 6 weeks to get rid of infection. Had two operations one to take steel out and one to wash my leg out, they have kept the wound open so got big gash in my leg.

I have to have the dressing changed everyday by a nurse who comes to the house, its so funny having such a big hole open in my leg. I keep expecting it to start gushing blood out. Here are a few pictures of my leg don't want to make anyone sick so sorry if I do lol. There is two of my bike after the crash my poor bike and one with pump that was sucking all the shite out....




The month's keep passing by and I'm still not getting better Bones still not healing, Still taking the morphine for the pain and still can't sleep.
Went to see a psychiatrist the other day it's ok I'm not going mad it just had something to do with the insurance claim.
Just waiting to here from hospital about my next operation on my femur, got to have that op first before I can have a new hip. Not looking
forward to going back into hospital again but ya got to do what ya got to do I suppose. Will try to keep you up to date with all this crap....




Nearly coming up to 2 years now since I had the accident and still no better, I really think in some ways I'm getting worse. I don't mean the pain or the muscle loss I mean in my head, I have done the crying and feeling sorry for myself part which I feel I'm entitled to. But it just seems now I cry for nothing and allot more, everyday in fact...Sometimes I have to sit and think why I'm crying if that makes sense. I feel like it's never going to change! I have very thoughtful family and friends who are looking after me and I can't thank them enough for what they have done for me. If it was not for them I would not be here right now.

I'm getting really fed up with it all and it's getting me down, I want to do things and just can't, not just because of my leg because I just can't. I wake up everyday and all I want to do is go back to sleep so the day goes by faster, All I can do is just sit and sit and sit. I know what you thinking I should get out and about and do something, But trust me I have tried and it's not that easy. Like I said it's something inside my head I just can't explain it might turn out to be the medication I'm on "I just don't know."

I just feel like I'm losing control of my mind and I would not want anyone to feel like I do everyday. Yes there are loads and loads more worse off than me I know that too but I get told to write stuff on here it's supposed to make me feel better talking or writing things down, so this is what I do. I could just keep talking about all the pain I have but even I can't keep on about that. I could talk about the phone ringing nearly everyday with people asking for money I have not got and that I'm going to lose my home if I don't give them any.

I tell them I lost my job due to the accident and not worked since, but that means nothing to them ....I did try explaining to them that when you lose your job that means you don't get paid and means NO money but that still means nothing to them.

Job centre is the same every month I get a letter from them asking me if I'm looking for work and asking me to go to job start interviews, you just have to laugh at the system. I can understand them in a way because there is lots of people out there not working when they really could they just know how to fiddle the system that's all I can say, wish they would come and give me a few tips because I get hardly anything at all. So looks like I'm going to lose my house over this accident.....



"I thank everyone who is helping me through all this" I will get there in the end but I'm just finding it very hard at the moment and sometimes I don't know what to do and that scares me allot.

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