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Another update

Well it's now October 2012 nearly 2013 its been well over 4 years now and not allot changed with my leg but I finally moved into my own place now.Got a lovely bungalow in Hemsworth and had loads of work done to it to make it nice, It's looking really good now. Just got the bathroom and wet room to do then it's all done, even had garden done with new fence and things. Going to have garden all done next year so it's all low maintenance and easy for me to look after, the front garden is already done and looks good and low maintenance.

Got a new Car too gone for automatic this time and a little higher makes it loads better for me.Wish I had gotten an auto years ago they are so easy to drive and make it loads better when you only got one leg that works right.

Still seeing people about accident solicitors doctors trouble is who I have been  to see are all over the place, Manchester,Leeds,Newcastle,Cleckheaton. Getting a little fed-up with travelling all over the place to be honest, I hope it's nearly all over and done with soon too. Still have pain in my hip and knee all the time but its something I have to get used to, Still on morphine and still trying to get off it. It's so hard to do though when I try to cut it down I have more pain and the feeling I just can't explain what it's like. only that it's not nice at all. Suppose it's like being on drugs and you are desperate for another fix, I can't stay still when trying to get to sleep just keep turning over and over. It's not a good feeling anyway lets put it that way.

My solicitor coming to see me again before Christmas to talk about my case he said it should be going in front of a judge next year hopefully,so just have to wait and see.They have not made me any offers of payment settlements since the last one a couple of years ago which was a joke and half and upset me too Hopefully they will see what this accident as done to ruin and change my life.

                                                                          MY NEW HOME

Well finally been paid out for accident so thank god that's all over with. Just need to find something to do now,

Will wait and see what's round the corner................

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