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Statement I had to do for Solicitor


My Name is Alan Green and before the 6th of June 2008 I was happy with life, I had a very good job which I loved. I had everything I wanted my own house a car a motor bike which I also loved.


I used to work nights and was a team leader driving all kinds of folk lifts in a warehouse for NEXT PLC I worked for next for about 15 years and got on well with everyone and had lots of friends in and out of work.

I was working my way to be a supervisor at work going on courses was all looking good for my future in next.


When I was not in work and after I had a few hours’ sleep I used to go to the local tattoo shop 5 days a week, my friend owned and was the tattoo artist.

I used to book people in for their tattoos and watch as they had there’s done it was always a good laugh at the shop and liked going there. When not at the shop or at work we were always out on the bikes,


I used to love going to the coast with friends from work and the tattoo shop at weekends and the local bike café’s all-round the country. Meeting friends there and making new ones. It was a very good time of my life I never wanted to be at home, used to spend weekends away very often on the bikes even when the weather was bad we used to still go away in the cars. The TT was one of my favourites on the Isle of Man which we went to every other year.


I always use to save up my money from my bonus at work to go on holiday; it was a must for me to go on holiday every year. I worked hard all year and loved to go abroad to Mexico Riviera Maya.

 I used to go to the same place every year same hotel and everything,

Hotel Catalonia Riviera Maya Mexico the best place in the world apart from the TT that is.


The main reason I loved Mexico was the snorkelling I did that every day while I was there. I would have loved to go to Australia on the Great Barrier Reef, always said I would go there one day. All staff in the hotel was really friendly too, used to treat you like royalty all the time. That was the reason I picked that hotel all the time


I also used to do lots of DIY, before I started working for next I used to work as a builder my main job was plastering and concreting. So if any family or friends needed any plastering doing they phoned me up. I used to do my own work on my bike and car too welding etc. I used to do lots of welding for other people too. Used to make gates I had all my own tools welding machine etc. Just to make a little extra money for my trips out. Now I think back I was always doing something with my time.


I did lots of other activities too like swimming and football, used to go to the local swimming baths with my farther. Went out most weekends to local pubs and clubs for games of pool and snooker. I used to be in a snooker team for beeches working men’s club and five a side football team at work.


I kept myself fit and healthy which I have always done since has far back as I can remember.

I had a clean house which I did myself cleaning and decorating I was proud of myself because I lived alone most of the time. I had a few girlfriends some of which lived with me from time to time.


I was seeing someone at the time of the accident we had not long since come back from a holiday to Mexico in May 2008.


All in all I was a very outgoing happy person everything was going the way I wanted in and out of work. Had everything I needed. Did what I wanted and when I wanted life was good. All I had to worry about was myself..

 Until the 6th June 2008 at around 10.30am when my life changed.


I had just got up from a night shift at work and got a phone call from my sister telling me that my other sister had just had her baby. So I got ready to go out to see her I had to go to the doctors in Hemsworth first, I then lived in south Kirkby in my own house.

I looked outside and weather was fine so decided to go on my bike, I was looking to pull out from the doctors when a bus flashed me out. I pulled out in front of the bus and started to go down Barnsley road. I was passing the local petrol garage just to my left was a no entry a no entry into the garage, when a car decided to go into the no entry and run into me That was the point and time that my life changed.


I remember the car hitting me and me ending up on the bonnet of the car, I looked down at my leg and just screamed not just with pain but the way that my leg was hanging to one side I knew then that it was really bad. The ambulance came and people gathered round, I was just screaming with pain and the look of my leg.

I was taken to hospital by air ambulance because the break was so bad.

I had an 11 hour operation on my leg which was broken in several tibia, fibula and femur and my hip were broken very badly. After the operation I was in so much pain in intensive care that they had to take me back to the operating theatre where they found I had compartment syndrome, so had to cut my leg.


 I spent about a month in intensive care I was so scared that I was going to lose my leg. I moved to another ward and then found out I had court MRSA which scared me so much, I did not know much about it apart from people dying from it.


I have had a number of operations on my leg trying to fix it over the months and now years. But still its broke one of the operations I had in Sheffield I remember most because when I came out. The steel plating round my hip had moved and caused an infection in my hip. It was the most pain I had ever gone through and it lasted months till they removed the steel. During the months before they removed it was hell, I could not move I had to sleep sat up on the bed downstairs that’s when I could sleep. I had trouble getting on the commode which I had to use, I felt so bad people had to clean the commode and help me with so many things.

 Times gone by and had more operations with no luck more trips to hospitals for x-rays blood tests etc. I have spent a long time in hospitals over the last coming up to 4 years now. And still more operations to come I need a new hip and they have been waiting for my femur to heal before they could give me a new one.


I have lost everything I worked so hard to get; I lost my girlfriend who looked after me so well during the time I had the bad infection in my hip I will never forget that time in my life and the help people gave me and still giving me to day. I thought I was going to die at one point the pain and the way I felt, they told me in hospital that the infection was a bad one. I spent a month on medication in hospital to get rid of it.


I can’t describe how much this accident as changed me and my life, it’s not just the not being able to walk right or pain I go through every day its lots of things. I don’t look forward to the future anymore like I used to. It’s so hard when someone say’s to you write how you were before the accident and how you are after the accident.


I know I was very happy before and now I’m not.

There is not a day goes by I don’t think about the accident and the thought I could still lose my leg after all this time. It makes me unwell just thinking about it.

I’m depressed all the time I’m on morphine for the pain and taking tablets for the depression. Only time I go out is when I have an appointment at hospital and I don’t like to go to them because I just don’t want to go out of the house.

My family and friends are always trying to get me out of the house but I just don’t want to. I thank them for it and for all the help they have given me, I don’t know what I would have done without them with being on my own.



I sit at home and watch TV and DVD’s now that’s my life, I do try get out but I’m depressed all the time and just don’t want to do anything. I can’t do the things I used to at all now so I just sit. I can’t even clean my own home myself I can’t even clean myself right I can’t get in the bath, I have to struggle in the shower trying to stand on one leg and can’t bend down to wash properly.

It’s just all changed every day is a challenge trying to do simple things like put socks on. I sit and cry sometimes just trying to put my socks on

 I have to wait until I'm really tired and my eyes are closing to go to bed because when I get into bed I think about things. Like what it was like before the accident and what it’s like now. I just get so depressed and can’t sleep I don’t want to go to doctors for more tablets to help me sleep. I’ve never liked taking tablets.

I know I’m getting worse with the depression because I don’t even look forward to anyone coming to visit me now. I don’t even look after myself anymore I don’t shave very often, I have put lots of weight on with just sitting around. I sit in shorts I don’t get dressed.


I know I’m doing it I tell myself all the time to get myself up and ready and try go out, but I find it so hard to get motivated. Because I know I can’t do anything I want to do, there is so much I would love to do but can’t. Because I just can’t because of my leg.


I’m struggling to live day to day because I’m now on benefits I have never had to struggle so much as I am now. I have lost my home because I could not pay the mortgage so they repossessed that in December 2012. That was a bad time in my life too. I’m now struggling to pay rent and other bills and get things I need. I have to fill loads of forms in begging for help with money which I also find it hard to do and never had to before.


It’s hard to say what the future holds for me I know I will never be the same person again and never be the fit person I used to be. There are many times when I have thought about taking all my tablets in one go when I have been really depressed. But I think about my family and friends and what they have done and they are doing for me. That’s the only thing that stops me…


So to end this because I could go on and on about the way the accident as changed and ruined my life and how good my life was before 6th June 2008. I just want to be back like I was before the accident and wish this had never happened to me but I have to try to carry on the best I can with what I’m left with. I’m just finding it very hard to cope with and can’t see any good in my future. I know I’m not the worst off in the world and there are lots more people worse than me, but you never think something like this will happen to you.


All it took was one person taking a short cut through a no entry to change my life and ruin it.

Alan Green     28th March 2012

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