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Well here is another update of what's been going on with my leg which I have been told to do lots of times, been in for another operation on my femur which did not go too well while they were doing operation in pontefract hospital they cut through my main vain so had to rush me through to Wakefield hospital. They first put a spring thing in but when I went back to the ward it started to hurt and my foot went cold like ice. So that did not work so they decided to do another operation, they took a vain from my left leg to put in my right were the damage was.

So now I have two very large scars on both legs from my groin right down my legs, took a while for them to heal too because the clips kept popping out. They have now healed and are doing ok but now I have got DVT and they told me I will have it all the time now. My femur is still not healed and that's got to heal before they can give me a false hip, it's been two month since the operation and I just been back to hospital for x-rays. The doctor told me that they going to give it a few more month and then decide what they are going to do next if it don't heal.

He said the vain doctors said they should not operate on that part of my leg again or I could lose my leg, that was a big shock for me to here. But they said they will talk to them again later before they decide what to do, he said they might put a long rod with a false hip on the end and right down to my knee, or just put a false hip in and leave the femur alone. But they will talk to me when I go back in a few month about all this, I just want them to do what's safe for my leg I don't want to lose it. So really hope they come up with the best way to save my leg, anyway that's about it for the update on what's going on with the leg. Still got the pain and still on morphine and other pain killers, finally getting money sorted out with job centre. Oh and now I get free road tax and a blue badge, never in a million years did I think I would be one of them with a blue badge in the car.

You never know what's round the corner all this stuff what's happened to me was caused by one person taking a short cut into a no entry. Or I would be still working and running about with no worries makes me so mad and sad when I think how it happened. Hope you happy now Mandy I have updated this lol, thanks for all your help and concern you have helped me so much don't know where I would be now if it was not for you and our Linda, my dad and others who have Helped me. While people are helping me others are trying to put me down and take things what I need, people trying to live on my misery and pain. Things are always remembered by me the good and the bad.
Some photo's of my last operation below I take the photo's because I have to send them to my solicitor so might as well put a few on here......will try my best to keep up to date a little more.



Got a letter this morning from my solicitor regarding seeing a psychiatrist, and while I was reading it the phone rang and it was moving minds who are going to be seeing me. So they are going to send me an appointment to go see a psychiatrist.

So will be getting a few things off my chest and tell them what I been going through. I hate trying to talk to someone face to face about it because I just brake down all the time, but I will try my best because it might get me out of this stopping in all the time and get myself out and about again, instead of just once every other month or so.
Will have to tell them about the really brill dreams I keep having lol think it might be the meds I'm on. They may just lock me up and hide the key, anyway I'm just waiting for next phone call to find out when I'm going to be seeing them. If ya don't here from me they thrown key away.



Well another little update on whats going on so far, since my last operation nothing much been happening. Apart from the usual pain and feeling really shitty but I think I'm getting used to it now.

keep going to hospital for check ups every month, went to a meeting with doctors, they have given me some more bad news now. Told me they can't do any more operations to my leg due to being too dangerous to my life, after they cut through my main Vein. That upset me allot because I do need a new hip because mine is no good, and my femur is still broken.

So now they told me I will be like this for the rest of my life and need crutches to walk all the time, which was a little bit of a shock to the system. I'm still seeing the psychiatrist he as given me tablets for depression and to help me sleep.

I'm still getting letters from job centre to go for interviews for work, still recovering from last OP and they want me to get back to work. Makes me laugh all the people out there not worked for years and nothing wrong with them. but they want me back at work now with a broken femur and hip. Just makes me so mad how the hell they get away with it, I'm struggling to get by with the money I'm on and they get everything they ask for. They must know how to fill the claim forms in. Anyway good luck to them just wish they would tell me how they do it.

I feel loads better in myself it's just the medication that I hate most it makes  me feel like shit most of the time, wish I could get off it. The doctor is trying to help with that though it's like being addicted to drugs, the feeling I get when I'm due to take em is so horrible. Just don't want to do anything or even move it takes a few hours for them to kick in then i feel fine until I'm due for next lot.

I'm getting out abit more though that's something I suppose, So you can say I'm getting better in a way bit happier in myself too thanks to family and friends. Still along way to go though but I'm getting there, nothing much more I can say at the moment but I will be back as Arnie would say.

I'm going to be writing more on my BLOG pages, so please continue to read whats happening with me. Please make yourself a member of my site to continue reading.

Thanks for reading so far and feel free to leave comments.

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