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Posted by Alan Green on February 15, 2013 at 4:55 PM

I have decided  to not lock the blog page anymore so it's open to everyone, Will see what it's like for a few week first. See if I get any stupid people writing shit?

I know there is one person down south who will luv it because she can be nosy, I know she comes on here because I have a clicky(http/ on my site that gives IP locations and it can only be one person, but never mind I don't care at all. Thats why I decided to open the blog up now and I'm going to be doing more on the site now. Not really done allot for ages on my site with not being well enough.

Going to be adding to my free stuff page too it's really good you should check it out, Lots of free stuff like the name of the page say's lol.

Will be writing some more with whats going on with my life at the moment too that should be exiting for you all too lol. Mostly still the same though really apart from feeling a little better in myself, but starting to get out a bit.:D 

Went for a trip to monkey world down south that was really really good, been wanting to go down there ever since I saw it on the TV years ago. Finnaly got down to see the monkeys :D and can't wait to go down again when the weather picks up.>>>>>>>> MONKEY WORLD

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