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Long time

Posted by Alan Green on June 30, 2014 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (7)

Been a long time since I wrote anything on here, Nothing much happening thats why:(

Been going down to monkey world down in dorset, it's really good down there I love it. Shame it's so far away though or I would go more.

Had my garden done thats looking really nice now with fish in the pond and weeds in the garden lol, and finaly got the bathroom done. still doing up an old BSA motorbike it's a BSA B31 from 1958.


Posted by Alan Green on February 16, 2013 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (1)

A must watch The Love Police

Been watching some things on youtube for the last few week about Law,Bailiffs,Census,TV licence etc. It's all been really interesting too and made me open my eyes a little more.

Just watch a few your selfs here is one I'm watching now its been put up by nationinformation            YOUTUBE

Take a look at all the video's they put up then look to the right of screen to direct you to more and watch some more from other people. You will come across all sorts of things about the Law and common Law, I find it very interesting and a good watch. The ones about the TV licence are very interesting indeed. The ones about Bailiffs coming to the door too some are real funny, It shows a little we know about Law.

Type in love police or common law into youtube


Posted by Alan Green on February 15, 2013 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I have decided  to not lock the blog page anymore so it's open to everyone, Will see what it's like for a few week first. See if I get any stupid people writing shit?

I know there is one person down south who will luv it because she can be nosy, I know she comes on here because I have a clicky(http/ on my site that gives IP locations and it can only be one person, but never mind I don't care at all. Thats why I decided to open the blog up now and I'm going to be doing more on the site now. Not really done allot for ages on my site with not being well enough.

Going to be adding to my free stuff page too it's really good you should check it out, Lots of free stuff like the name of the page say's lol.

Will be writing some more with whats going on with my life at the moment too that should be exiting for you all too lol. Mostly still the same though really apart from feeling a little better in myself, but starting to get out a bit.:D 

Went for a trip to monkey world down south that was really really good, been wanting to go down there ever since I saw it on the TV years ago. Finnaly got down to see the monkeys :D and can't wait to go down again when the weather picks up.>>>>>>>> MONKEY WORLD


Posted by Alan Green on February 15, 2013 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Well had a letter from Halifax Bank saying they are sending the bailiffs round to see me, Really don't know why they are though thought it was all over with now.

Not heard from them in nearly two years they have already taken my house so don't know what they want? I thought they took the house and sold it for the amount I owe?

Will see what they say when they come at least my car can get into garage now......

Another Operation

Posted by Alan Green on June 18, 2011 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (5)

Well been to hospital for a checkup and some more X-Rays, They told me I need to have another operation on my leg. Not looking forward to it after what I was told about it being dagerous to my life and my leg.

But the pins in my knee are causing me too much pain, feels like they are coming through my skin at times. Very uncomfy most of the time, So need to have them removed they did say it's a straight forward operation to take them out. That don't stop me from being very scared, Go for pre-op on the 27th June.

Then they will tell me when I go in for OP.....:roll:

Everything's OK

Posted by Alan Green on May 17, 2011 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Everythings going fine at the moment, still have pain but at least I feel better in myself at the moment. They finally started doing some work down at the other house, it's about time too been ages. 22/12/2010 when I had the flood and they only just started doing some work, makes me laugh sometimes.

The thing is what if I was in a horible place and did not like it ? don't even want to think about that one, I just know I would be stressed out of my head. Good job I'm in a lovely place and happy were I am, Hope I can stay here all the time now really don't want to be going back there at all. So hopefully the solicitor can sort something out and make it so I can stop here for good.

Just the next couple of month to get through then things should be sorted then more stress of me. they sorting for me to go see someone about my stress and things the next couple of week. So thats another step towards getting better......

Been going out even more lately only local but it's something lot better than I was. Still have times when I don't want to do anything at all just sit in front of the TV. I'm trying my best to do things but it's very hard for me.( I will get there).

Another Day

Posted by Alan Green on April 28, 2011 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well another day another week another month and coming up to another year. Time just goes by and I'm still the same, Had another visit from someone to do with insurance today.

Something to do with care and needs, what I need to help me and things like that, It's the first time I have had someone come to see me and talk about the accident and I not broke down. So does that mean I'm getting better or just that the tablets I'm taking are working?

I came close once or twice but I kept it together I was a little chuffed with myself. Think she came manly to see where I was living and how I cope, we had to get a taxi down to other house. It was a right mess down there and I hate it so much

It brings back too many memories how I lived. Sleeping down stairs and getting washed at the sink not being able to go up to loo, Just everything came back I really don't want to go back to that house.

Anyway I been feeling loads better in my self the last few month, still getting the pain and the horible feeling when I need my meds. but at least I'm getting out a little more now. I still have to force myself sometimes though but it's getting better so a little proud of myself.




Posted by Alan Green on April 6, 2011 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (3)

My Back really hurting today been up all night, think it's we the crutches. That's all I can put it down to because I don't do much else, I'm bent over while walking like an old bloke ( no comments ). Just hope it's something that's going to go away soon cause it's killing me. x

Having a visit by the Solicitor.

Posted by Alaninit on March 31, 2011 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (1)

The Solicitor coming to see me about the accident, hope everything goes ok with that. Don't know what to say to him but I'm going to try tell him everything thats been going on with my life since the accident.

I been trying to think of what to say to them but it never goes how you want it to, and I always forget what to say. Then after they gone it all comes back to me and it's too late then, I have wrote some things down this time though. So everything should be ok and all this worry will be for nothing "I Hope"

How I got where I am Today.

Posted by Alaninit on March 31, 2011 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

                                                  HOW IT ALL STARTED

 Where do I start? Well it all started when Steve (very good friend) and I were talking about bikes at work one night. He had already had bikes when he was younger; we were saying how good it would be to go for rides out to the coast. Think we both got a little excited about the idea so we both decided to go and try passing our motor bike tests. We booked lessons with a good instructor I needed a few more than Steve because I had never been on a bike before. So cost me more money for more lessons. The lessons were going ok for Steve but I found them really hard, the turning in the road was very difficult for me I just could not get the hang of it, anyway weeks went by it got a little easier and I got more confident on the bike. Steve was doing really well with every aspect of it; I was getting worse instead of better as time went on. Thought I would never get to grips with bike riding.

Had weeks of training the date for the test was getting closer and closer, I had to pay for a few more extra lessons a few days before the test date. Then the day had finally arrived for our test we were both so very nervous, Steve decided he wanted to go first. I did not argue with him because I did not want to go at all, anyway out he went I wished him good luck. Me and the instructor went for a coffee while Steve came back, I could not even drink the coffee I was far too nervous. When it was time to go back I felt really sick I was shaking like mad in my boots. I saw Steve coming back into the test station yard on the bike he pulled up at the side of me and shuck is head. I thought he must have done something wrong on the test but I did not say anything to him, we went inside the building for the results and it was all good news for Steve. She said the words which you just want to hear the words that are the best words in the world on a day and time like these. “Congratulations I’m pleased to say you have passed your test”, I was so pleased for Steve. But then it hit me that it was my turn and realised that there was more pressure on me passing now.

It was here right now the time for me to take my test the instructor turned to me and said “come on Alan your turn” The nerves just hit me like a train at full speed. The person taking me for the test said to me “don’t be nervous” she could see how bad I was. We went outside to the bike and they always ask something about the bike before the test, she looked at me and pointed to something on the bike and said” what’s this for?” I did not have a clue. I was far too nervous to answer anything at all about anything, told her to fail me now. She just laughs at me and says “you will be ok” I knew I wouldn’t be.

Finally got on the bike she was talking to me through headsets giving me directions left here right there and so on. She said something to me which I was dreading, “pull over to your left when it’s safe to do so”. It was that time when I had to do the turn in the road without touching the floor with my feet. This I was dreading more than anything in the test, it’s so hard to do even worse when you’re nervous as I was. I was sat at the side of the road talking to myself saying “do it just do it” I looked around in all directions and just went for it, everything seemed ok until I heard her shout “STOP” But I did not stop I just carried on and there was a car coming round the corner. I pulled to the opposite side of the road she looked at me and I knew it right then that I had failed my test. She got back into her car back on the headsets and just carried on with the test, I was so sick to the stomach and mad with myself for doing such a silly thing. After a while we got back to the test station Steve and the instructor were there waiting for me, I also gave Steve a shake of the head we went into the office I knew it was for the bad news and it was. “Sorry to say this but I’m afraid you have failed your test” Those words stayed with me all the way back home and for a few days after.

Steve was well pleased but he tried to console me and did not say too much, just to try again later. I knew I had to go through all this again and it made me worse than ever, had a few more lessons then it was time again to take my test. I went for the test on my own this time without Steve, just me and instructor was just as nervous if not more this time. Got on the bike went round the roads we had been on so many times with instructor, time for the turning in the road again. This time I did take my time and looked around up and down round and round, I made sure this time that there was nothing coming. “I did it” the turn in the road I finally did it. Everything was going really well after that but she called to me in the headset and said” pull over to the side of the road when it’s safe to do so”.

I wondered what I had done wrong she came over to me with her head shaking and told me it was unsafe to carry on with the test because one of my indicators had stopped working. I was sick to my stomach once again I was not meant to pass my motorbike test, that did not stop me though I put in for it again. I had to wait a few more weeks but I went again for the test, this time I was a little less nervous and it was a different person who took me for the test. This time I went round the coarse did everything right even the turn in the road. Got back to the test centre which was like a life time and went into the building he looked at me and said the words. Yes those words “I’m pleased to tell you that you have past your motorbike test”

Well could not wait to tell the world but there was only one person I wanted to tell first that was Steve. So phoned him first then the world, I could not believe I had passed my bike test, it was a much better feeling than passing my car driving test. Don’t know why it just was, all we had to do now is wait for some good weather to go out on the bikes, well Steve had to buy a bike as well first. I already had mine sat in the house “yes in the house” in the front room, the weather was really bad for months and months. Just a good day here and there used to go out a few times, weather picked up to go out to the coast too. It was a different world on the bike much better than driving in the car, got to meet a few good friends too. It’s so good going away with friends to the coast when the weather is ok on the bike.

The bike did spend most of the time in the shed than on the road though, used to get home from work have a few hours sleep then out to the Tattoo shop on the bike when the weather was ok. Just riding through to the shop was fun only a few miles but I was on the bike that’s all that mattered. I used to go round the local bypass all the time just riding round and round; I just loved it when we used to go off to the coast or just through to York for dinner.

One Friday morning after working nights the date was the 6th June 2008, that date does stick in my head now the weather was really nice and I could not wait to get out

on the bike. Had to go to the doctors for my prescription first then through to the hospital to see my sister, she had just given birth to her baby. Then I was going to go for a long ride out because the weather was the best it had been in ages, so set off through to doctors on my bike. Was going to go in car but could not resist going on the bike, got to doctors picked my prescription up then was taking it back home. When I got to the junction at the bottom of the road from the doctors a bus flashed me out, I nodded in thanks to the driver. Pulled away from the junction heading towards home when it happened

(The ride home that changed my life).

I was going by the local garage when a car pulled right in front of me into a No entry. I did not have any time to do anything to avoid the car and hit it with my bike, I can’t remember much how but I ended up on the bonnet of the car. I looked down at my leg because that’s all that was hurting at the time, I remember screaming at the top of my voice “look what you’ve done” then just screaming with pain trying to put my leg back in place. I knew something really bad was up with my leg it was way out of place; I just kept trying to push it back to where it should have been. I did not know what I was doing because I was in shock; someone ran over to me and held me on to the car because I was beginning to fall off.

Lots of people started to gather round me having a look like they do, the ambulance came after what seemed like a life time. Then after they gave me something for the pain I was not too bad, I started talking to people who was around asking about my bike then I saw my daughter. I told her I would be ok and not to worry my sister was there too told her the same not to worry I would be fine. The pain was unbearable and they gave me more medication to cope with it, but nothing would work at all the pain was too much. The doctor who was there told them I could not go in the ambulance; I would have to go in the air ambulance. Funny thing is I had always wanted to go in a helicopter but not like this. Anyway they sent for that and took me to Pinderfields hospital in Wakefield.

That’s where I was operated on for just over ten hours on my leg; I broke just about every bone in my leg including my hip. That’s why my leg looked so bad because the leg had come completely out of the hip joint and the femur had broken in two. I spent over a month in hospital having operations on my leg, had plastic surgery and allsorts done. I got M, R, S, A too while I was in there that scared me to death because I did not know too much about it. Just knew it was going around at the time and people were dying.

It’s now nearly three years since the accident happened I have had loads of operation to try fixing the leg, but nothing has worked. After one of the operations I had the steel in my leg replaced for some bigger stuff. But I got a bad infection in my leg which made me very unwell, I could not even move off the bed. I thought I was going to die at one point. But luckily for me there was someone wonderful there to look after me. I don’t know what I would have done if it was not for Mandy, she worked hard and still came to look after me. She fed me cleaned me and lots more don’t know how she did it I really don’t, I owe allot to her I really do. My family were there too and I thank them for being there for me too, but not every day like Mandy. I can’t thank her enough, what can you give or say to someone who saves your life? She will turn round and say she did not save my life but I know she did.

“Things happen in your life for a reason so people keep telling me if it does then, I know why I met Mandy it was for her to save my life”.


I have now been told they can’t do anything else for my leg because I have had far too many operations on it and the damage caused to my veins are too much of a danger to my life to do any more.

Anyway today the 20th March 2011 I’m doing allot better my legs still the same but feel better in myself, I’m slowly coming to terms with it all. I still cry lots but not for

as long now I just give myself a cuddle when needed.

Anyway that’s the story how I got here and why I’m writing down the things that I’m going through on my site. How one little trip to the doctors can change your life forever, so please be careful when you go down the road. Watch out for yourselves but also watch out for others, take that second look it does help and it’s not hard. If you’re ever going to take any advice from me please take this advice.