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Here is were I'm going to put pictures of my leg, I know its abit sad but i just wanted to show everyone. Car drivers just don't seem to take that second look for bikers. And this is what they do to bikers and most times its allot worse.

I was hit by a car in Hemsworth, I was going below the speed limit because i had only just got onto the main road.The driver did not even see me and took a right turn into a no entry into the local petrol station. I also found out he  used the station as a short cut, The driver told the police that it was all his fault.

It was all on camera anyway so it showed that he was to blame,

I broke my hip and the big bone at top of my leg also both bones just above the ankle, I'm full of screws pins and plates all up my leg. I remember everything that happened at the time, mostly the pain  it took a while for them to get it under control.

The air ambulance took me to hospital what a job they do, could not thank them enough. I was in hospital for a month everyone looked after me very well, and my family have taken over that job now. They are doing everything for me, I love them all loads.

A few pictures


Thats it for the nasty pictures, hope to be puting some on with me walking soon. They told me it would be a while before i would be able to walk,but not too long I hope. I'm stuck on the sofa right now unable to get upstairs,it makes me so mad not being able to look after myself right.

I have had loads of people sending get well soon messages,and I thank them all, you don't know  how many friends you really have untill something like this happens.I try not to get upset about it all but sometimes you just can't help it, I wake up sometimes thinking it was just a bad dream until I try to move my leg. I can just manage to get up on me crutches and go into the kitchen to get washed. I will keep writing on here to let everyone know how i'm doing, so more to follow.

Well it's 11.30pm the 14/7/08 and i'm still sleeping on sofa, got a letter from hospital today about starting my Pysio.Looking forward to getting started on that just not the pain,but no pain no gain they say. My leg is still pritty bad and still having loads of pain, lost far too much wait. But when you do something like this it makes you unwell so  you don't feel like eating at all.


Well, still not healing and getting really fedup at the moment, Been told I have to go back in hospital for another operation on my hip.

The bones in my leg are not healing and the doctor is getting a little worried with it, so he wants to put some different plates in.

Having loads of trouble with the insurance not giving me any kind of payment. Not getting any help from anywhere at all so family looking after me with shopping ect.

Suppose it will sort its self out at some point, I'm really sick of watching the tv has you can imagine I have had just over six month of it now. Thank god for the XBOX 360 I say, giving Lara Croft some right hammer If you know her you know what i'm on about.

A few have been to see me from work and I thank them for that, even some management have been. I thought phil would have made me a drink though, told me some good news though so it was ok.

Anyway going to turn xbox back on now help pass the day.


Still not doing too well wish I was but can't have everything, I'm still waiting to go back in hospital for another op. Been 10 month now and still the same, wish it would end i'm so fedup, The meds are doing my head in i don't know if i'm coming or going. I did meet someone who made me happy and made me laugh and took my mind off all the shit i'm going through. I do thank her for that even though she don't believe me. I'm only just getting out of the house and it's because of her that I am. Thanks Mandy.....

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